Product Growth & Development Consulting

Made In Alpha specialises in helping brands and startups with design and development for their digital product needs. Day after day, our team focuses on creating exciting products and meaningful experiences for our clients and customers. With this experience we have gained the necessary knowledge to help grow and add value to a product.

Our experiences have streamlined our focus to assessing market viability, developing a product roadmap and quickly prototyping your minimum viable product (MVP) as a way to validate your product and further understand user needs. We've found that these steps are important in helping a product achieve success and scale. The team has more than five years of experience working on multiple products and services around the world that we can share with you.

We're able to lend a hand in evaluating potential demand for your product, understanding your current user experience, refining your user's experience with UI/UX changes, developing and implementing a features roadmap, developing a plan to create market validation to commercialise your product further and finally, development of a prototype or small batch production to fill in the gaps your product is currently lacking; all while using the best development practises and latests design trends.

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Overview of subsidy

Companies based in Singapore looking to technologically innovate their existing products or to prototype products that are not their first, with the end goal of commercialisation can take advantage of Enterprise (before known as SPRING), Singapore’s Enterprise Development Grant (EDG grant). Made In Alpha can help with product development projects for businesses looking to grow their current digital offering.

The grant can cover up to 70% of qualifying project costs including consultancy expenses. If you’re interested in working with Made In Alpha under the Enterprise Development Grant, reach us on and we’d love to discuss improving your product with you.

Our past experience

We have worked with local and international clients creating, re-developing or further enhancing their digital products. In today's age, a digital product can be a huge way to diversify the current offering a company has.

It further increase the brand's presence or market share in the sector, as well as creates new revenue streams for the business by allowing customers to interact with the business in new ways!

Our list of past clients include the following brands

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