We create digital products
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Specialising in the design and development of custom software applications for mobile and web. Available for project commissions or consultation.

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We worked together with sixcents to create a platform to showcase their fund investments. They were looking to have animations be the primary theme.


Expresso is a travel agency located in Africa. They were looking to revamp their old website and tell a story with illustrations.


We worked with in the wild to create an online experience to showcase their studio. The goal was to re-create a minimalism nomadic creative experience.


We are currently building a community for UFC fans to be able to participate, debate and engage together. Stay tuned! Work in progress 🚧


Digital products?
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— Product research

— Prototyping


— Pattern library

— Service design

— Web design

— Development


It was all a dream..

Fuelled by our foolish curiosity for the web, we started mia in 2015. We haven't stopped evolving ever since. Today, we devote our working lives to enrich brands and products, making them relevant, relatable and reliable. Every year we get better, and the curiosity that brought us together gets stronger.